How to install Mautic manually

Pre-requisites to setup

Mautic assumed that the system already has composer and git installed and configured.


If you get stuck, join the lively Mautic Community on Slack or the Developer Forum for support and answers. Please first post in the forum, then share the link in Slack, so others can learn from your question.


  1. To setup the developer environment, fork and clone the source from GitHub as outlined in How to install Mautic with DDEV.

  2. Run composer install on the source.

  3. Open your browser and complete the installation through the Mautic installer.

You can also run the install process from command line:

  • Add a local.php file in app/config

  • Edit the local.php file using the following template (Mautic adapts to new local settings):

    $parameters = array(
        'db_driver' => 'pdo_mysql',
        'db_host' => 'localhost',
        'db_table_prefix' => null,
        'db_port' => '3306',
        'db_name' => 'mautic',
        'db_user' => 'root',
        'db_password' => 'root_password',
        'db_backup_tables' => true,
        'db_backup_prefix' => 'bak_',
  • Run the following command and add your own options:

php bin/console mautic:install